SKIN BY MONICA | Adelaide Beauty salon | Hydrodermabrasion
SKIN BY MONICA | ADELAIDE | Beauty Facial | Hydrodermabrasion
SKIN BY MONICA | ADELAIDE | Beauty Facial | Hydrodermabrasion


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Smooth, Glowing Skin.

Bio-Hydroderm TM treatments combine diamond tip exfoliation, liquid exfoliation and targeted skin corrective hydrating solutions for immediately visible improvement to your skin with no downtime. 

The Bio-Hydroderm TM handpiece buffs away dead skin cells using a diamond exfoliation discs chosen to match your individuals' skin need. The skin is then infused with advanced cooling AQUAFUSE TM solutions that address skin concerns such as dryness, visible signs of ageing, fine lines, acne, congestion, hyperpigmentation and excess oil.

More gentle than conventional Microdermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion is non-irritating with clearly visible results that will leave you looking immediately refreshed and revitalised from the start.

This treatment is offered in a single treatment service. For a more long and rewarding result, multiple treatments of 6-8 are advised. 

Discover the future of exfoliation
Hydrodermabrasion facials with the Bio-Hydroderm TM are the next generation of Microdermabrasion, delivering both advanced exfoliation and targeted skin correcting hydration to the skin for glowing results. 

Discovery Safety
Hydrodermabrasion is a safe, relaxing and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

Discover advanced technology
The Bio-Hydroderm TM utilises different levels of diamond abrasive discs that are customisable to individuals skin needs. This delivers exceptionally smooth, thoroughly exfoliated and youthful-looking skin, without the mess and irritation that can sometimes accompany conventional crystal microdermabrasion treatment.

Discover Convenience
With quick treatments and no downtime, you can resume your daily activities immediately after your Hydrodermabrasion treatment.

Each treatment includes:

+ Facial

+ Hydrodermabrasion


  • Exfoliate skin
  • Youthful-looking skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Non-irritating
  • Refreshed and Invigorated skin
  • Decreases pore size
  • Hydrated skin
  • Clear congestion
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Drain lymphatic system
  • No downtime

Hydrodermabrasion Treatment 

Treatment day

  • Beginning with a facial the area being treated is cleansed.
  • The handheld piece is prepared with strategically customised solutions.
  • The diamond tip will then be passed over the area being treated.
  • We will then complete the treatment with toner, serum, moisturiser and SPF 30+

Post Treatment

  • Avoid exercise, excessive sweating
  • Hot showers, spas, saunas and pools for at least 24 hours
  • No active ingredients to be used on the skin for 48-72 hours; This includes AHA’s, retinol, vitamin C etc
  • No exfoliating for 72 hours
  • Apply SPF 30+ every day
  • A routine including a gentle cleanser, hydrating serum and gentle moisturiser is recommended for the first 3 days post-treatment.

Recommended Treatment

We recommend bi-weekly treatments otherwise a treatment once every 6 weeks is ok too. It is all dependent on the concerns being treated.

Treatments recommended – 4 to 10 treatments.

Beneficial Treatments

For an even better result, layer this treatment with an Epi blading and LED treatment for ultimate skin rejuvenation. This is our second highest requested treatment.



  • Skin Disease - Any type of skin disease, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cold sores, Rosacea, Skin tags, Open wounds, and Raised moles. 
  • Poor Healers - Low immune system, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease.
  • Sun exposure & Sunburn - Allow 2-3 weeks and allow the skin to heal.
  • Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding -  Congratulations! Your body is busy right now best not to add to all that's happening.

Just wait a little...

  • Surgery -  It is best to wait until your body has completely healed. 
  • Skin Laser - The skin may still feel a little sunburnt already. Best to let that heal and then add facial  if needed. 
  • Botox and fillers - Wait 2 weeks after they have been injected.
  • Exfoliation & waxing - Wait a minimum of 72 hours


Discover visible results 
Get ready to walk out of your treatment feeling absolutely fabulous. You will instantly notice your skin is smooth, refreshed and invigorated. The hydration effects will work wonders on the suppleness and plumpness of your skin giving you a revitalised and more youthful appearance.

Resources/image Credit:
The Global Beauty Group Australia