Our Story

Beauty therapist


Being known for having attention to detail and treating clients with the utmost care, her goal is to ensure that time spent within the therapy room is results-driven that will be noticed immediately and are long-lasting.

You will find her approach to be a combination of natural elements, ancient-ways of healing through touch, traditional facials and use of high tech skin devices.

For over 15 years now she has been reviewing a wide range of devices and products. Whether it was self-purchased or sent to her by a company for feedback. Her quest to keep up with the beauty industry comes naturally. 


  Where beauty comes from  



Number ‘8’ kept appearing to us in 2018 in dreams and vision, it was very clear that they wanted us to work with this number somehow..

We took on the number to open our doors on this date 12.01.2020 as it held an ‘8’ vibration. 

Upon completion of the Feng Shui Masterclass by Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond, we were guided to have our contact number changed so that it contained as many different single digits possible, but totalled ‘8’ for abundance & prosperity. 

In spirituality, the number '8' represents abundance and material wealth. Being of equal part that represent balance, it is also vital to intentionally live spiritually too to attain high conscious evolvement. 

On Tuesday, we were introduced to an ancient master healer who talks about the importance of balanced yin & yang qi within the body that’s needed for optimum health and long life span. The ancient healer teachings had resonated with us and we knew it benefited to teach this forward to our clients, about yin & yang qi. Coincidentally, this day was 21.01.2020 an ‘8’ vibration day.

We wanted to add our take on the symbol which is in our logo as the middle parts. 

Opposing forces gracefully supportive of one another

Yin and yang are continuously changing; they constantly adjust to one another, and are endlessly flowing besides one another in an eternal dance of becoming. This wonderful concept of change is beautifully illustrated in the simple image of our "yin-yang symbol."


Become balanced