DEKA SmartXide

The DEKA SmartXide Co2 Laser is a sophisticated machine that is capable to treat different concerns on many different skin types. 

It is well known in the industry, especially for those seeking to work with their bodies own capabilities to beautify the natural way, that there is nothing compared to having a Co2 laser treatment to help rejuvenate, smooth, clear and erase up to 10 years of ageing and damage off of the appearance. 


What is a DEKA SmartXide machine?

The DEKA Co2 Laser is a significant upgrade from its predecessors. How so?

Previously, Co2 Laser machines were created to ablate the entire surface of the skin which lead to significant down time of up to 1-2 months. The DEKA Co2 Laser however, has a down time of only 2-7* days and the patient is able to continue with their daily activities. This is achievable as the surface of the skin is not entirely ablated, but instead the dots have spacing between them to reduce downtime yet the results is not compromised.




Our state of the art machine holds 4 different treatments modalities.

CoolPeel Laser - A fractional ablative laser geared more towards rejuvenation of the skin that does not have deep lines and wrinkles. Able to be performed on many parts of the body.
Painless* and little 2-4 days* downtime

DOT Therapy - A fully ablative laser is performed to treat deeper lines and wrinkles as well as stubborn pigmentation.
Numbing cream applied and downtime of 5-30 days*

V-Juvenation - Smooths and firms the vulva in the triple x areas.
Labia minora and Labia majora.
Numbing cream applied. 2-5 days* downtime

MonaLisa Touch - Some women experience vaginal atrophy, dryness, prolapses and menopausal discomfort. This treatment helps with addressing those issues. This treatment is performed by our highly regarded Gynaecologist Doctor



When addressing each concern and skin type our practitioners have complete control on how the laser performs on the skin as well below the surface to give you the results you want.



DEKA SmartXide - The only one that will help you achieve smoother and clearer glass skin with less downtime. 


Our DEKA SmartXide Co2 laser machine is the Gold Standard





Credits: Deka Laser