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Be prepared to fall in love with the skin you're in again.

Firstly, Let's talk about acne and pimples.

From the time that you are born your sebaceous glands (responsible for producing oils) starts to create sebum all over your body to help keep the skin moisturised and protected.

Sebum is an oily wax-like protective barrier that sits on top of the skin which contains triglycerides and fatty acids, wax esters, squalene, and cholesterol. Even though we have glands all over our body, except for the palms and soles of the feet, it is our face that contains the most glands which have up to 900 glands per centimetre.

The rate that sebum is produced in an infant is the same as an adult, however from around age 9, when puberty begins, the rate is increased by up to 500%. Studies reveal that males tend to produce more sebum than females during adolescent. 

Sebum is necessary for a healthy environment as it protects and moisturises however, an overproduction can create issues when the pores and hair follicles become blocked due to too much oil, dead skin cells and sweat.

The opening of the pores explains why some pimples have no heads, whiteheads or blackheads.

Beginning with ones that have no heads. Cystic acne.
Severe cases of acne are called Cysts. These nodules stay beneath the surface of the skin, they are inflamed and painful and could be infected. 

The difference between a whitehead and a blackhead depends on the opening of a pore and its exposure to oxygen.

A closed pore that contains oil, dead skin cells, sweat and bacteria but, is relatively closed will have a whitehead.

Open clogged pores will have a blackhead. A blackhead is darker in appearance as the excess oil and dead skin cells oxidise when it is exposed to oxygen.

Generally, the overproduction of sebum, oily skin, subsides when we reach adult-hood. Depending on each person's circumstances as such as underlying health issues, hormonal changes, testosterone, diet, environment, bed sheets, family history, Medication and stress, acne can also continue well further into adult life. 

Regular professional skin treatments as well as seeking a dermatologist is advised to help manage flare-ups.

The most common mistake people with oily skin make is they don't exfoliate or moisturise daily. We often hear that because they have oily skin they don't want to add to it or they feel more oily when they do moisturise.

Oily type skin must still moisturise daily as this will help keep their skin hydrated. Exfoliating and applying a mask once to twice a week is also a must as what happens with this skin type is that the layer of dead skin cells sits on top of the skin, which in turn clogs more pores creating more pimples. 

Also, moisturising with an oil-free moisturiser daily is a must. The skin is extra oily on the surface because of the lack of proper nourishment that is happening beneath. So when this happens signals are being sent to the sebaceous glands to make up for the lack of hydration and it then creates 'more oil' to compensate for the dehydration beneath. The overproduction of oil leads to more pores becoming clogged creating more pimples.

In this treatment, the use of high tech skin devices will be incorporated.  A Hydrodermabrasion session will be performed as well as Galvanic electrotherapy, Full face extractions, High frequency plus LED light therapy to help fight acne-causing bacteria.

You will experience smoother more even-toned skin by the following day as well as a few potential breakouts as the skin has been treated to help move things along.

Depending on the advancement of acne a series of 8 weekly treatments is advised. 

Each treatment includes: 
90 minutes                  $220

+ Facial

+ Galvanic treatment

+ Extractions

+ High frequency

+ LED light therapy



  • Increase oxygen to capillaries
  • Kill acne-causing bacteria
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduced pore
  • Improved skin laxity
  • Even skin tone
  • Increase cellular turnover
  • Increase elasticity
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep product penetration
  • Smoother texture
  • Hydration



Recommended Treatment

Acne – minimum of 4 weekly treatments.

Extractions treatment includes: 
60 minutes                  $109

Beneficial Treatments

Skin needling is very beneficial for treating mild acne skin. There have also been recent studies that gave clearance as safe to do so without the concern suggested by previous reports of spreading bacteria from a pimple over other parts of the skin.

Skin needling will help improve hydration, maintain oil, lighten acne scars, improve tone, smoother skin, increase elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend adding a minimum of 4 skin needling treatments every four to six weeks. Some people have seen quick improvements that a weekly professional acne skin treatment was no longer required.

Accutane Note: Best to wait 6 months after course of treatment 



  • Pacemakers, heart disease, Asthmatics, Diabetics - The electric currents can interfere, best to avoid.
  • Skin Disease - Any type of skin disease, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cold sores and open wounds.
  • Epilepsy - The currents may cause unwanted rapid eye movements. 
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding -  Congratulations! Your body is busy right now best not to add to all that's happening.

Just wait for a little...

  • Surgery -  It is best to wait until your body has completely healed. 
  •  Skin laser, Chemical peel & microdermabrasion - The skin may still feel a little sunburnt already. Best to let that heal.
  • Botox and fillers - Wait 2 weeks after they have been injected.




 *Jewellery is to be removed during this treatment.

During the 90 minutes treatment expect to have our therapists ask questions about your diet, health and environment so we can better help understand and address the issue.